53. Stans and Mystics: Abi Palmer and Naomi Morris

Sat 8 Jul 2023
2:00pm - 3:00pm | Burgage Hall - Event has now taken place.

  What subject links religious rapture, chronic illness, and celebrity culture? Abi Palmer and Naomi Morris believe that medieval mysticism is the answer. In Sanatorium, Palmer looks to St Teresa of Avila for a map of how to live with chronic illness; whereas for Morris, Julian of Norwich is her mystic of choice. Both posit that these holy women could have a lot to teach us about how we live now: fandom, being a little too online, ecstasy. This conversation is set to be an exciting one, grounded in the old but bounding into newer vistas: ableist poetics, the particular kitsch of Catholic rapture, and the quirks of the internet.  Chaired by Stephanie Sy-Quia.

Photo credit : Abi Palmer by Faith Aylward

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