Environmental Policy

For Festivals to flourish, we need to find innovative, sustainable ways of operating, whilst also fulfilling our function as an organisation  providing time and space for people to exchange ideas. This section sets out two areas we are looking at in our Environmental Policies:


  1. Ledbury Poetry acknowledges the Climate Crisis and works hard to ensure its work points to this challenge in the public programme. For example  thenew children’s competition theme will be The Environment.
  2. Ledbury Poetry wishes to develop its Digital Future to ensure audience development sustainably. This will include future hybrid Festivals and events, ensuring remote low carbon access. This will also include further enhancement of the Ledbury Poetry Player where audio and film of events can be accessed throughout the year. There are more Digital Futures ideas we will be looking at in the coming years.


  1. Ledbury Poetry is mindful in all its work of our environmental footprint.
  2. Ledbury Poetry re-cycles and re-uses all materials possible.
  3. Ledbury Poetry has a low print policy and uses digital systems internally.
  4. Ledbury Poetry works with its local partners to ensure good use of resources, sourcing locally where possible.
  5. Ledbury Poetry uses re-fillable environmentally safe cleaning products.
  6. Ledbury Poetry has signed up to the Herefordshire Greener Footprints pledge.
  7. The production of any Festival has a carbon footprint and we actively work to ensure lowest footprints in all our contracted production.
  8. Ledbury Poetry encourages live audiences to choose lower impact travel options by actively promoting links to public transport and working with Herefordshire Council to do so.