Creative Pathways in The Shire

Creative PathwaysLedbury Poetry announces the launch of a new scheme offering exciting and innovative volunteering opportunities in the creative industries across Herefordshire.

Creative Pathways has opportunities for YOU.

Are you interested in arts, culture and heritage?

Do you want a career in creative industries?

If you would you love to meet like-minded people and help to shape the community around you, Creative Pathways is for you.

Creative Pathways will match you with volunteering opportunities, personalised training, AND the chance to meet people in Arts, Culture and Heritage that could lead to a great future.


  • We match you to volunteering opportunities within Herefordshire
  • The chance to network with people in Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • A choice of flexible remote, in person and hybrid roles
  • Opportunities for social engagement
  • Creative skills development
  • Tailored training and support packages
  • A chance to learn from industry professionals


Simply email or visit our website and register your interest. Creative Pathways will connect you with your new opportunity.


These opportunities are for ALL ages and for EVERYONE.

You might be looking for a month of in-situ work experience and training in order to build your career. You might have a morning a week to offer over a year. You might want to work from home and digitally. We can organise for your volunteering opportunity to suit your needs best.

You will receive training and support all the way through.


Opportunities to work in art, film, events, arts management, festivals, marketing, social media, digital archiving, heritage, exhibitions are provided by the Cultural Partnership in Herefordshire and supporting organisations including the following:

Ledbury Poetry

The Cathedral

The Courtyard Theatre

Herefordshire Museums and Libraries

Ledbury Places

Meadow Arts

The National Trust

Rural Media


Emma Clowsley, Project lead for Creative Pathways, said ‘We’re thrilled to be working with Herefordshire Cultural Partnership to create fabulous opportunities for people to connect with the arts. This is just the beginning of a two year project and we are excited to see where these individual journeys will lead.’

Clare Purcell, Director of Meadow Arts: “Creative Pathways in the Shire will be of value to Meadow Arts because it will encourage us to look at volunteering in a new light, specifically, our offer; the diversity of volunteers and the range of opportunities sought. By working with peer organisations from across county and other members of Herefordshire Cultural Partnership, we will learn from shared expertise, gaining valuable insight and opening the discussion around how to maximise opportunities for all parties”.
Tamsin Fitzgerald, Director of 2Faced Dance: “2Faced Dance Company are committed to increasing the role that volunteers play in their organisation, raising awareness about our cause and profile whilst building significant relationships within the local community. This project provides volunteering opportunities that develop social inclusion, skills development and potential routes into employment for young people living in rural isolation. It will increase the diversity of those participating in the cultural sector, develop leadership and provide our company with a range of diverse viewpoints and shared experiences. We cannot think of a more needed opportunity at this time in the world”.

For more information and to talk with project lead Emma Clowsley please contact Becky Shaw on

Notes to Editors:

Creative Pathways in the Shire is an Arts Council Funded produced by Ledbury Poetry.

Ledbury Poetry has partneredCreative Pathways with organisations in the Herefordshire Cultural Partnership and beyond to produce this project and line-up outstanding volunteering work placements.

Creative Pathways in the Shire aims to provide meaningful volunteering experience and provide digital hybrid and micro-opportunities in the Arts, Culture and Heritage in rural Herefordshire.

Creative Pathways in the Shire is open to all ages.

Creative Pathways in the Shire aims to encourage access and enable people who may need support including childcare, poor internet access, training and transport.

Creative Pathways in the Shire will provide opportunities and training AND the chance to meet like-minded people in the Arts, Culture and Heritage that could lead to a great future.

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