15. Nothing Can Break My Heart Like England Can: Preti Taneja and Zaffar Kunial

Preti Taneja and Zaffar Kunial approach the English, and the pastoral, in different and remarkable ways. Taneja is author of the brilliant, blistering piece of experimental writing Aftermath.  Taneja was part of the Cambridge University outreach programme which taught creative writing in HMP Whitemoor. One of her students was Usman Khan, the Fishmongers’ Hall attacker, and one of her colleagues was Jack Merritt, one of his victims. Aftermath reaches for the lights of African American abolitionist thinkers, resulting in a treatise on English society – how it gets made and maintained, and for whom. In England’s Green, Kunial reprises many of the themes of Us, his T.S.Eliot-shortlisted debut, with a more pastoral bent. The title of this event is taken from Naomi Morris’s Hyperlove (see Stans and Mystics, July 8th). Chaired by Nasser Hussain.

Photo credit : Preti Taneja by Suki Dhanda

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