Neurodiversity training with The Brain Charity

On Wednesday the 6th of December #Creative Pathways in the Shire hosted a ‘Neurodiversity in the Workplace’ workshop at #LedburyPoetry, which was delivered by The Brain Charity.

Our aim for hosting the workshop was to provide support to local arts and charity organisations who are looking to improve the experiences of their neurodiverse staff members, volunteers and visitors. Due to train strikes the workshop was delivered digitally, some attendees joined the session online from home, and others joined us at The Poetry House for tea and biscuits while watching on a big screen. Thank you to all who attended.

After the workshop of the attendees kindly shared a quote with us, which helps to capture the wonder and complexity of the human brain. “Our kind of brain isn’t the biggest in the animal kingdom, and it’s not the best in any objective sense. But it’s ours. It’s the source of our strengths and our foibles. It gives us our capacity to build civilisations and our capacity to tear down each other. It makes us simply, imperfectly, gloriously human.”  (Quote taken from ‘Seven and a half lessons about the brain.’ Written by Lisa Feldman Barrett)

Creative Pathways in the Shire curate training workshops for #volunteers and organisations in the arts and heritage industries throughout the year in Herefordshire.
You can find out all about opportunities for volunteering through Creative Pathways in the Shire on the website 

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