Poetry Flowers

A series of FREE workshops to help you feel as if you’ve been given a bunch of flowers.

The Poetry House is now a Talk Community Hub and will open every Thursday, 5pm – 7pm, from 15 September, either for these special Poetry Flowers workshops (see details below) or as a welcome place where creative activities and conversation can flow! 

5pm – 7pm, The Poetry House, Ledbury, FREE. You can email director@poetry-festival.co.uk to let Chloe know you are planning to come along (and to help give some idea of numbers), or just drop by. ALL WELCOME.

Materials will be provided for the art / making sessions, except where otherwise specified. For the writing sessions, please bring something to write with and something to write on.

  1. A lovely place to be
    15 September

Create an artwork of your ‘lovely place to be’. Make an image using torn paper collage. Close your eyes and dream…. imagine….. imagination is a wonderful thing!


  1. A lovely place to think about
    29 September

How do we evoke the feeling of a place in poetry? Write about your collage, or any other lovely place.


  1. Taking a trip
    13 October

Create an artwork inspired by your piece of poetic writing. Using a variety of inspiring materials we will be using line, doodling and colour choice to investigate emotions, do group doodles to each other’s poems and doodles to Bird Song. Let’s take a line for a wander…


  1. Time for tea
    27 October

Poetry session, with refreshments – writing about ordinary things, especially food. Bring an item of food with you!


  1. Magic box
    10 November

What would you put in your magic box? Capture your imagination in a poem.


  1. Making magic
    24 November

Working in a box to create a 3D interpretation of your Magic Box poem. Discover your poem’s language of imagery, shape, colours and textures using a variety of inspiring materials. Now let these images inspire the 3D world you create inside your box.


  1. Taking a trip
    8 December

Write about the sea and other journeys, taking a few unusual turnings.


  1. A bunch of flowers
    22 December

Surprise yourself by making a stunning bunch of paper flowers. Thinking about yourself as a colour, shape and texture learn simple but effective ways of creating paper posies of joy.


  1. Poetry flowers
    12 January

Surprise yourself by writing about joy.


  1. Inspirations
    24 January

Poetry. Taking inspiration from pictures, music, other people’s words.


The Poetry House is now a Talk Community Hub and will open every Thursday, 5pm – 7pm, from 15 September, either for the special Poetry Flowers workshops or as a welcome place where creative activities and conversation can flow! All welcome.

Amy Freeman is a Gloucestershire based multi media Artist and Crafter. Since Studying Fine Art Sculpture in 2004 she has worked within Community Arts and Adult Education alongside various Social Care positions supporting young neuro-divergent adults and families fleeing domestic abuse. Currently she is working in Arts in Health socially prescribed arts provision for Gloucester based arts organisations Artlift and Art Shape. Amy is also Artist in Residence in Gloucester Cathedral Quarter until December 2022. Her artforms are varied but she is best known for her large scale public crochet works.

In 2001, Brenda Read-Brown gave up a secure career as a project manager to be a poet; it seemed a good idea at the time. Since then she’s won many poetry slams, and performed her poetry on Radio 4, and in Texas, Denmark, the House of Lords, lots of festivals, and any number of low dives. She was Gloucestershire Poet Laureate from 2012 – 2019, and has published two collections of her poems: Arbitrary edges (2013), and Like love (2018). She’s also a prizewinning playwright, but she says she gets her greatest rewards by helping other people find their words.