Creative Pathways

Creative Pathways in The Shire

Creative Pathways has opportunities for YOU.

Are you interested in the arts, culture and heritage?

Do you want a career in creative industries?

Would you love to meet like-minded people and help to shape the community around you?

Creative Pathways will match you with volunteering opportunities, personalised training, AND the chance to meet like-minded people in Arts, Culture and Heritage that could lead to a great future.

Who is it for?

These opportunities are for people aged 16+ living in or near Herefordshire

What’s on offer?

  • We match you to volunteering opportunities within Herefordshire
  • The chance to network with people in Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • A choice of flexible remote, in person and hybrid roles
  • Opportunities for social engagement
  • Creative skills development
  • Tailored training and support packages
  • A chance to learn from industry professionals

How does it work?

Simply email or or visit our website and register your interest. Creative Pathways will connect you with your new opportunity.

Current Opportunities:

Internships at Ledbury Poetry Festival – get in touch for more information.

What is next for Creative Pathways in the Shire?  

We have secured some additional funding, and are refining our offering to two schemes; Young Reviewers in the Shire and Work in Culture.

Tell me more…

Young Reviewers is aimed at 16 – 30yr olds living in Herefordshire. Young Reviewers are given free tickets to shows, films, events, exhibitions etc, training and mentoring from us, their reviews are published on The Shire (and we encourage the organisation to publish them too). Reviews can be in writing, filmed (social media reel), or audio.

Work in Culture is aimed at the over 30’s, who have little to no experience of working in the arts, who are exploring new career paths. This involves some volunteering/work experience (which can be anything from a taster session to a regular placement), training, mentoring from us and from industry professionals, and networking. We will also keep them informed of any paid opportunities that arise in the cultural sector in Herefordshire.

We are looking forward to… 

Keep an eye out for our future newsletters, and follow us on Instagram @creativepathwaysshire, to find out more. 

Get in touch

If you have any questions, ideas or would like to get involved please contact us at: