61. Critics’ Club: Caliban(s); Cannibals; Creatures: Shalini Sengupta and Dzifa Benson

Sun 9 Jul 2023
2:00pm - 3:00pm | Burgage Hall - Event has now taken place.

Join Ledbury Critics Shalini Sengupta and Dzifa Benson as they explore the figure of Caliban from Shakespeare’s The Tempest and his varied afterlives.  This discussion will range across numerous texts which have made use of Caliban to various ends, from Rachel Ingalls, to Aimé Césaire, to 2017 Oscar winner for Best Picture, The Shape of Water. There will be particular emphasis on Safiya Sinclair’s poetry collection Cannibal and Nitty Scott’s album Creature!

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Dfiza Benson photo credit : Naomi Woddis

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