72. Jessica Mookherjee and Maria Jastrzebska

Reading and conversation on Foreignness and Assimilation.  Hosted by Ledbury Poetry Critic Sarala Estruch.

Exploring the poetics of foreignness and assimilation, the poetry of witness, and how the body and
land and borders appear in their poetry. Jessica Mookherjee and Maria Jastrzebska will also discuss
how they express the themes of illness, and survival in the context of creating spaces for multiple
poetic identities in a global and fragmented world. Ledbury Munthe Poetry Prize shortlisted, Jessica
Mookherjee’s Tigress takes an unflinching look at displacement and belonging and according to the
judges, ‘There are such beautiful images throughout Mookherjee’s writing and a precision of line
that delivers them breathing as if for the first time.’ Maria Jastrzebska’s fifth full-length poetry
collection Small Odysseys explores the crossing of borders – from minor everyday ones to those of
upheaval or insurrection, queering or reimagining the past, questioning the present and

Maria Jessica-Mookherjee