13. Workshop: Hand Erasures with alice hiller and Wormholes

Sat 1 Jul 2023
2:00pm - 4:00pm | Heritage Centre - Event has now taken place.

alice hiller is the author of bird of winter, an exploration of her own experience of living through and beyond childhood grooming and sexual violence. The poems honour the agency which acts of creativity generate. Writing the collection, hiller developed a practice of hand erasing factual materials, making poems that opened reverse scratch cards through to her unconscious, and provided safer ways of voicing complex subjects. In this workshop, alice will guide participants through the process of making their own hand erasures either from materials they bring, or from Wormholes (see next programme item), a participatory work of erasure poetry which will be ongoing throughout the Festival, with erasures available for all to make on a drop-in basis.


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