13. Forrest Gander and James Byrne

Readings and conversation ranging across place and displacement, intimacy and loss, self and other.
James Byrne is a poet, editor, translator and visual artist. His most recent poetry collections are
Places you Leave and Of Breaking Glass. He co-edited Voice Recognition: 21 Poets for the 21st  Century
and (with the author) he co-translated Libyan poet Ashur Etwebi (Five Scenes from a Failed
Revolution). Forrest Gander writes that Places you Leave is ‘restlessly energetic and politically
insistent…these are knife-sharp glimpses of the world.’ Forrest Gander, a writer and translator with
degrees in geology and literature, was born in the Mojave Desert and lives in northern California. His
books, often concerned with ecology, include Be With, winner of Pulitzer Prize. He writes the poet’s
first duty is “to see what’s there and not already patterned by familiarity” – and in Your Nearness ‘he
brings to that task a combination of vision, generosity of spirit and humility in the face of wonder
that singles him out as one of the finest, and most vigilant, poets working in English today’ (John

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James Byrne   Forrest Gander

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