78. What Can you Find in a Poet’s Beard? Chris Riddell and A.F. Harrold

Chris Riddell, children’s author, illustrator and former Children’s Laureate, and A.F. Harrold Poet\'s beard
children’s author, poet and performer, team up to bring you an hour of the finest and  funniest family-friendly live-poetry-and-drawinginess this side of your local library’s poetry section. There will be poems, doodles and the sharing of great wisdom from these two unique brains, including poetic pieces from their collaboration Things You Find in a Poet’s Beard, along with things from other books such as A.F.’s The Book of Not Entirely Useful Advice and his food-based anthology Midnight Feasts (which was coincidentally illustrated by Chris’s daughter Katy). Basically, if you’re unsure what this event is, it’s two men, one with a big beard and one with a pencil and paper, entertaining children with poems on a Sunday morning for (a) money and (b) the love of it.

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