71. Poetry Claudine Toutoungi and Emma Purshouse

Claudine Toutoungi is the winner of the Ledbury Munthe Poetry Prize for Second Collections. Claudine Toutoungi

According to the judges, Two Tongues is often hilarious, frequently offbeat and utterly original. Her control of language, her wit, her dexterity of line and image… revolve around her subjects with a maturity and elegance that isn’t afraid to step into the lyric spotlight but that rarely does…more  often what we see in Toutoungi is a masterclass in language and form, a sense of adventure and willingness to risk, in a voice that is brimming with intelligence and humour.’


Emma Purshouse is the third prize winner of the 2021 National Poetry Competition. She is a freelance writer, performance poet and slam champion. Her recent poetry collection, is Close. ‘Her humour, high spirits, imagination and insights are reminiscent of Liverpool poets McGough, Patten and Henri… here’s a refreshing and original voice from a sometimes fantastic Black Country – a place where it’s perfectly possible to spot a ‘Mermaid on the number 3 bus’. Emma-Purshouse


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