06. Poetry and Class Politics in the Age of Austerity with Jane Commane

Jane-CommaneExpect lots of discussion around class, politics, poetry and the age of austerity and its general effect on the arts, and also barriers to participation. What is the role of art / poetry / publishing in the aftermath of Brexit and where do we want to be, how we can be a part of changing or affecting the discourse?

Jane Commane was in conversation with Chloe Garner.

Listen to Jane Commane on BBC Radio 4’s Start the Week. Called Dark Satanic Mills it focuses on factories and industry and says, “The poems in Jane Commane’s collection, Assembly Lines, are set in a Midlands where ghosts haunt the deserted factory floor and the landscape is littered with ‘heartsick towns’..” https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b39tx5