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Wilfrid Wilson Gibson was born in Northumberland 2nd October 1878 and died in 1962 in Surrey. Despite moving to London in 1914 after the death of his mother, the landscapes of Northumberland are a prominent theme in his poetry, along with themes of poverty and the lives of miners and fishermen. This attention to a common life and rural tones earned his the nickname of the “People’s Poet” by Robert Frost, a Dymock Poet. Having moved to London, Gibson met Rupert Brooke and became his literary executor alongside Lascelles Abercrombie. These men eventually moved to Dymock, near Ledbury (in Gloucestershire) and along with other men who shared similar passions of literature, became known as the Dymock Poets. The glorious nature of Dymock offered scope for the poetic imagination, and the daffodils that Dymock is famous for inspired Gibson to write the poem “Daffodils”. This poem, about a man reflecting on his son who is fighting in the war and how he used to smell the daffodils, reflects the impact of the First World War and how the war ended the idyllic lives of the Dymock Poets, divided by death in battle.

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November Gold: An Anthology of Poems by Wilfrid Gibson Hardcover – 24 Sept. 2018 by Wilfrid Gibson  ISBN10: 0955939542   ISBN13: 978-0955939549

To find out more about the Dymock Poets and how Ledbury Poetry Festival 2023 is celebrating their work please visit the Dymock Poets Collection at Ledbury Library, The Master’s House and come along to Hereford Chamber Choir who present ‘The Dymock Poets Re-imagined’ on Saturday 8th July at 7.30pm Book tickets at

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