Free Family Fun Activities!

Free Family Fun Activities!

Ledbury Poetry House

Drop-in! All Welcome!

Thursday 25 August, 10.30am – 4pm
Weird Wild and Wonderful – Poetry and Music Aplenty with James Carter

Ever met a mad scientist? Well, we’ve got the next best thing. Meet James Carter – a totally zany poet, non-fiction writer AND musician performing poems from his brand new book WEIRD WILD & WONDERFUL (published by Herefordshire’s Otter-Barry Books). There’ll be music from his guitar  (that’s Keith), melodica (that’s Steve) and disco ukulele (that’s Erik). They’ll even be a chance to write  – and take away – your very own poem. So come on down humans, – but do expect the unexpected, namely poems about space, inventions, teddy bears, wolves, woolly mammoths, dung beetles and more.  Hey, why not bring along your own air guitar?

Drop in session. For 5-555 year olds

Friday 26 August
What the Bees Know with Mandy Ross

In European folk tradition, telling the bees about life events – births, marriages and deaths – is vital to keep the hive happy and productive. And in many myths around the world, bees are magical insects, carrying messages between the natural world and the underworld.

What message will you tell the bees?

We’ll make paper segments of a honeycomb to capture messages inside. Together we’ll gather a hive full of messages and memories to display in Ledbury Poetry House.

Saturday 27 August
Badgemaking with Jeanette McCulloch

Collage words and images to make individual badges that you will want to wear with pride and gift to friends and family!

Tuesday 30 August and Wednesday 31 August
Poetry Comics Workshops with artist Irina Richards

Are you an avid poetry reader? Or maybe you have written your own poems? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visualise your favourite poetry? Join artist and illustrator Irina Richards and explore an emerging hybrid art form – poetry comics! In these workshops, you will learn more about comics as an art form, and the aspects that link comics and poetry. You will discover ways to adapt poems into comics – then create your own poetry comic, based on a poem of your choice.

The workshops are suitable for all ages and artistic abilities. Materials will be provided.

About the artist: Irina Richards is a comics artist, illustrator, and artist educator. Irina’s work has been published in numerous books and magazines; her latest book, The Witch-Hare, is inspired by Welsh folklore. As an artist educator, Irina has taught workshops at libraries, festivals, and public venues across the UK. Irina’s practice aims to challenge the boundaries and perceptions of the comics format; her work is informed by history, heritage, poetry, and life experiences