Fri 17 Mar 2023
7:00pm - 9:00pm | Ledbury Poetry House - Event has now taken place.

Plus open mic – sign up at 7pm on the night. £8 Ticket price includes a drink.

Johnny FluffypunkStand-up poet and lo-fi theatremaker Jonny Fluffypunk has been dragging his art around the UK and occasionally beyond for over 25 years, deafly fusing bittersweet autobiography, disillusionment and wonder into an act that has established him as a firm favourite at gigs, festivals and housing benefit offices everywhere. He has two volumes of poems, micro-fictions and threadbare philosophy published by Burning Eye, and his solo ‘no-fi’ stand-up spoken word theatre shows, including his latest, If We Just Keep Going, We Will Get There in the End,  have toured extensively around theatres, pubs, garden sheds, summer houses, record shops and Britain’s other ad-hoc performance spaces in a blatant championing of homespun DIY culture. When not performing, Jonny runs workshops, putting shapes and colours into the minds of young and old alike. He’s a crucial third of Hip Yak Poetry Shack, ‘the south west’s favourite pop-up poetry event’, and also runs Mr Fluffypunk’s Penny Gaff, an alternative cabaret in his adopted home town of Stroud.


Leilah is a gay footballer and coach, mental health advocate and stand-up poet based in Bristol. Her debut poetry collection is Midnight Picnics in Tehran (Burning Eye Books). Leilah is co-host of an open mic night in Bristol. She works at Off the Record as a Fundraising Manager and lives in East Bristol.

Leilah grew up in a rural town in Wales enjoying writing as an escape from loneliness. She was not open about her sexuality and her family were one of the few dual heritage families in the area which compounded her sense of estrangement. Through her writing she could be authentic, sharing romantic poems about women. In 2012 she started taking part in the Open Mic scene. Leilah’s poetry evolved as she was inspired by her Iranian heritage and her time spent in Shiraz and Tehran, the former her mother’s home city. Since 2012, Leilah has performed across the UK. Headliner performances include Bristol Harbour Festival, Bristol Old Vic, Poetry Café in London, Leeds poetry festival in 2021, Cheltenham Literature Festival and Find the Right Words in Leicester and performed at WOMAD 2022, and had performed comedy sets at “Party”. In 2021 she featured in the Channel 4 film showcasing Lisa Luxx’s poem “Lesbian”.

In 2021 she was a panelist for the FA event Football versus Homophobia. Leilah was commissioned to write for the Nationwide Voices campaign writing poems about football. She coaches at Girl Goals in Bristol for 8 – 11-year-old girls and at Easton Cowgirls with an adult team.

Leilah is a true original. Never the same poet twice, she forges together the gentle comedy of life, the solemnity of solitude and the everyday melodies of personal relationships into her poetry and prose. You never know what’s coming next, but you really, really want to take the leap and find out. A brilliant performer and sparky poet to fall in love with.” Malaika Kegode, Director of Milk Poetry.

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