Blue Wreck by Stephanie Sy-Quia

The poet Amy Key made her non-fiction debut earlier this month with Arrangements in Blue, a beautiful book about the possibilities of de-centering romantic love from one’s life, and also a love letter to Joni Mitchell’s album Blue, what the art of others can do for us, and also a loving homage to her friend and mentor (who was friend and mentor to so many) Roddy Lumsden.

I read the whole thing in one sitting, on a train from Leuchars to London, after having been at StAnza Poetry Festival. Amy’s prose rang in my head like the lingering peal of a bell for days afterwards, and I highly recommend it. As a taster, you can read her Granta essay on Joni Mitchell and love here.

Amy will be appearing at the festival, in conversation with visual artist Tom de Freston, speaking on the theme of artistic obsessions. Tom’s preoccupation is with the painter Théodore Géricault, in particular his painting the Raft of the Medusa, and his book Wreck (Granta) is the story of that painting, its many afterlives, and much more. I will be chairing their conversation myself, and I’m so excited to hear more about what has motivated their deeply personal work, and the dialogue it has enjoyed with that of others.

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